Forex strategy- The very best and the worst forex currency trading strategies

To be section of the forex trading it is vital to have a technique to trade, without it, you are adrift and you probably usually do not see results. Keeping your discipline is an integral aspect and this is only achieved through an excellent strategy.

The investors use many forex strategies to get to the one that works and that does take time and patience.

Of course, the actual fact you have a trading strategy will not mean it is a good strategy, because of this, below we present many of the very best and worst forex trading strategies.

The best Forex currency trading strategies

It is common that whenever people talk about Forex strategies, they dedicate themselves to discuss a specific negotiation technique that erroneously is generally only an element of a complete negotiation strategy. Then, an excellent forex strategy that’s advantageous and constant is one which provides advantageous input indicators.

However, additionally it is necessary to consider the next aspects:

Size of position

Risk Management

Methods to exit a trade

Of course, it is usually important to keep in mind that in the Forex trading the best FX strategy would be the one which is most ideal for the trader. Which means that you need to understand your character as a trader and out of this get the very best Forex strategy that fits your requirements since what may work very well for someone else may not work for you, however, there are specific strategies that are usually basic plus they help everyone.

So, there are many types of negotiation designs that we will breakdown below and also have been trusted in previous years.

Forex 1-Hour Trading Strategy

With this strategy, you can take benefit of the 60 minute timeframe in the Forex currency trading. GBP / USD, USD / JPY as well as the AUD / USD. To use it, you would require a 100 pips impulse indicator and also indicator arrows; both can be found in MetaTrader 4.

How to utilize this strategy to buy:

You then must place the end loss below the reddish indicator line. From then on, When you would like to sell, you can get into a short position at that time when conditions like the 100 pips Momentum indicator trigger a sell transmission just whenever your blue series crosses the red line from over and the arrows Indicators check out give a red arrow signal.

You need to place the stop reduction right above the red indicator collection and you must proceed to close the trade when the indicator arrows provide a green arrow signal.

Forex Weekly Trading Strategy

Although most forex traders choose intraday trading, for the easy reason that marketplace volatility usually offers even more profit possibilities in narrower terms, nevertheless, it’s true that weekly forex currency trading strategies They could provide more versatility and stability.

A weekly candelabrum can offer extensive market information. In addition, it consists of five daily candles and adjustments that reflect the true market trends. All every week strategies are usually predicated on lower position sizes and therefore avoid excessive risks.

Now, to utilize this plan, we resort to the usage of the Exponential Mobile Typical indicator. The last daily candlestick of the previous week must close at a rate above the worthiness of the exponential shifting average. Then we need to look for as soon as where the maximum level of the prior week is broken.

Following this, we check out place a purchase in the shut candlestick H4 and should be at the price degree of the broken level.

London Hammer Trade

The London Hammer Trade is a try to capitalize on some exclusive opportunities that are attained from the excess volatility obtained when London is opened up. That is especially effective through the London session because it can be used anytime when the price will probably take off sharply in one direction in fact it is also possible to return from an extremely strong support/resistance area.

Counter-Trend Forex Strategies

Counter-trend strategies derive from the fact that a lot of breakdowns do not have a tendency to become long-term trends. Consequently, because of this, These kinds of counter-trend strategies are often the best forex trading strategies given that they generate a whole lot of confidence because of their high index of achievement.

However, it is necessary to remember that tight reins are required on the chance management side.

Worst forex currency trading strategies

Simply as there are strategies that will help us and be our lucky charm, additionally, there are others that eventually will result in ruin or that in a single way or another will make you lose lots of money.

You should always understand that not really everything that shines is usually precious metal and if something seems as well good to be accurate, it is extremely likely that it’s incorrect. Therefore, we will highlight some bad trading strategies that you need to not apply in forex trading.


This is a very famous technique among newbies, and in the event that you start trading forex you almost certainly hear from it once you start. This is a technique only used by losers, charlatans and inexperienced players.

The essence of the strategy is to go after its losses by subsequently adding bigger operations to its currently losing position.

Scalping strategies that are targeting for 5 pips or less

Yes, we already know that in the scalping you feel just like a boss and a specialist in trading. 2 Pips right here, 3 pips presently there and you are feeling so excited which you feel just like the dopamine raises and travels through the body.

However, you should know that you, as an investor, will become at a disadvantage and this is because of the spread.

Let me clarify you.

Whenever a 4 pip champion is hit, the market must immediately move 5 pips to be able to cover the price of its margin/commission. After that differential is eating 20% ​​of its income and amplifying its loss before the cost has moved. This implies that you would have to beat the marketplace by an extremely large margin to become in a position to counteract the spread of every operation. I understand it cannot appear like a big reduction but this minimal statistical drawback for a while can make your account get into oblivion.

Strategies that try trade way too many pairs

You must recognize that not absolutely all currency pairs behave just as.

Each nation and for that reason each currency has its own peculiarities, or that implies its way of doing things and in addition its own method of spending and trading in its regional currency. Then, more occasions than you can count, everyday decisions are created that may affect the motion of a specific currency and there is one way to comprehend that which is giving the required focus.

There are numerous traders on the market, apply this strategy over and over despite having no result, and usually do therefore just out of boredom or desperation and desire to have success.

It is not recommended to trade many pairs at once, study it properly and concentrate on one.

So when you get yourself a currency pair that basically works for you personally and you be successful with it, you can begin thinking about growing and adapting your technique to additional pairs that are of your curiosity.


It is necessary to keep in mind that what may function for someone might not do the job. However, whenever there are strategies that look great and have positive feedback, they are well worth trying.

And when there is a strategy that appears to become a fraud and has elements that do not quite convince you, it is advisable to stay away from them, in order to avoid bitter drinks and poor times, usually do not doubt your sixth feeling and try to avoid bad trading strategies.

The best forex currency trading strategies are usually the easiest and most stable types, which although they possess a margin of mistake, aren’t usually exaggerated and so are also generally recommended by effective and famous forex investors.

Of course, the ways of use should be tested and observe your error, so that you can decide whether to totally change strategies or if you believe you may make some changes which may be useful for you.